MFG uses the CFA Institute as a framework for how our business operates. MFG passionately serves our clients and puts their interests first.

Asset Management 

At Midwestern Financial Group (MFG), our knowledge about financial markets has been informed by the Chartered Financial Analyst® (CFA) Institute. The Chartered Financial Analyst® credential has become the most respected and recognized investment designation in the world. The CFA program, according to the Institute, covers concepts and skills to be used at all stages of one’s career as a financial analyst, bridging academic theory, current industry practice, and ethical and professional standards to provide a strong foundation of advanced investment analysis and real-world portfolio management skills.

Any successful investor strives to make rational decisions based on unbiased analysis. They are offered hundreds of choices and making the correct choice hinges on the selection of an investment that best fits an investor's combined framework of needs and goals. Midwestern Financial Group assists in the creation of this framework, providing the means for individuals and families make rational investment decisions.

MFG’s evaluates the investment landscape, looking for opportunities that can benefit clients. For individual and family investors, our process begins with conversations in order to identify objectives. After short and long-term goal identification we perform top-down analysis through the lens of clients' needs to evaluate economic the environment. Once a trend has been identified, we begin to analyze companies that fit the risk profile of each client by researching key valuation metrics.

Financial Planning

MFG passionately serves clients and put their interests first. Our only concern is that our clients receive the best deal on all financial matters; thus we do not sell products or charge commissions. As a CFA Charterholder, Joseph must adhere to a strict Code of Ethics and commit to placing the integrity of the investment profession and the interest of clients above personal interests. Because each client is unique, Midwestern Financial Group focuses each meeting on understanding an individual's and/or family's needs so we can facilitate specific solutions. We begin by discovering what is of financial importance to you in order to define your goals, conversing and learning to set the table for establishing and working towards your financial objectives. 

  • Analyzing of cash flow employed as part of retirement planning and/or debt reduction
  • Discovering of risk tolerance thorough asset analysis and understood appetite for risk
  • Pairing of risk tolerance with an appropriate investment allocation based on current economic trends
  • Assessing plan success and necessary changes during quarterly or annual meetings
  • Meeting quarterly or annually to discuss changing financial circumstances
  • We provide proactive communication as economic conditions and legislative changes occur

Business Analysis

For businesses, MFG's focus is on growth and return on invested capital. Our viewpoint is to maximize growth and return by examining historical and future expectations then applying what is learned to the investment framework established by the business owners. Small business owners must decide on metrics such as debt targets and operating margins, but these decisions should not be made until objectives have been recognized and established. Correct financial decisions are crucial to achieving the long-term goals of an organization, thus, knowing objectives must be the first step of this process.

  • Analyzing of expansion plans and expected post-expansion valuation
  • Helping with cash flow management and assessing the appropriate investments to drive company value
  • Instructing owners on value creation and impact of capital choices on key metrics used to evaluate business performance and valuation
  • Valuing of business for the purpose of internal analysis and/or of selling the business
  • Aiding small business owners’ plan for retirement, an often neglected consideration given the complexities of running a business