Financial Planning & Asset Management

With hundreds of investment choices, each person’s unique “correct choice” hinges on finding the sweet spot between needs and goals — this is where we come in.

Because each client is unique, Midwestern Financial Group focuses early meetings on understanding an individual's or family's needs, so we can facilitate specific solutions. 

After identifying short-term and long-term goals, we perform a top-down analysis of the economic environment through the lens of your needs. Once a relevant market trend has been identified, we begin to analyze companies that fit your risk profile through rigorous research of key valuation metrics. Once we’ve paired risk tolerance with an appropriate investment allocation, we’ll monitor plan success. 


Planning for Each Phase of Life

Values change over time, not only financially, but personally — we’ll work together to revise your goals and investments with major life changes. We’ll meet annually to discuss adjustments, and provide proactive communication as economic conditions and legislative changes occur. 


Midlife savers & heirs

This phase of the financial planning life cycle can be referred to as “the maintenance phase” — when a significant amount of assets have been accumulated and retirement or other goals become closer to reality. During the maintenance phase, it is critical to think about money as a whole and consider how assets work together to reach goals.

Many during this phase will receive an inheritance, which can change the risk/return characteristics of the portfolio. Thus, it is critical to incorporate the inheritance and reevaluate the existing Investment Policy Statement.


Retirees & Philanthropists

At Midwestern Financial Group, we define the “distribution phase” as a two-part process that includes the last years leading up to retirement, as well as the retirement years themselves. During this phase, controlling risk through extensive planning becomes the focus.

When it comes to retire, we shift our focus to three specific risks: longevity risk (the risk of outliving the portfolio), inflation risk (the risk of losing purchasing power), and financial market risk (the risks associated with stock and bond markets).

During the distribution phase, clients may decide to bequest money to children, a cause, or a charity. As a result, allocations may differ from someone who does not have such moves in mind, and MFG will work with you to plan accordingly. Additionally, individuals must plan for income once retirement begins, along with corresponding taxes, distribution laws, and insurance products.

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