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Social Media Raises the Bar in Investment Management

Picture courtesy of  mkhmarketing  

Picture courtesy of mkhmarketing 

An individual investor in 2015 can Google ‘investment advisor’ and find thousands of businesses helping retail investors invest and plan for retirement. More than ever before, the advancement of social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter further aids those who vet prospective advisors. 

For us, that’s a win win. Each week MFG writes authentic content for our Weekly Market Commentary (contact us if you would like to receive it). We curate our content, which not only displays our passion for investments and helping others, but also highlights the differences between MFG and our competitors.

We don’t sell products, we don’t take commissions. Our business is built on the client service we provide. Our passion for investments shows through to our clients and with the help of social media, it shows through to those interested in our services.

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