Midwestern Financial Group (MFG) is a fee-only financial planning firm offering investment and financial analysis with a fiduciary standard of care. As a fiduciary, MFG is required to act completely in the interests of the client, and disclose how the advisor is compensated, along with any corresponding conflicts of interest. MFG provides unbiased, goal-driven financial services for individuals, families, and businesses to build their future with confidence.

While monetary value can be quantified in the marketplace, the things that you value are less tangible, and unique to you. Whether that’s freedom from past debt, the opportunity to build your own business, or a financial legacy for your family, these are the things that matter the most. That’s why our financial planning process begins with understanding your life, your priorities, and your goals.

Some things that Midwestern Financial Group values:

  • Transparency, partnership and trust

  • The hard work that has gone into building your business, and ours

  • Family, friends, and our community

  • The privilege of being part of our client’s lives

While we can’t predict the future or ensure that life will always go according to plan, what we can ensure is that we’ll be working alongside of you to navigate or celebrate whatever comes your way.



Joseph Jay, CFP

Joseph fell in love with investing in college when he discovered the thrill of researching stocks and watching their performance in the market. Intrigued by the art of value creation and the challenge of building something greater, he realized that wealth management combined his interest in investing with his dedication to helping others.

After graduating from the University of Iowa, Joseph began work in the financial sector at an Iowa-based investment firm. He passed all three levels of the CFA Program on his first attempt and was awarded his charter in 2015.

Joseph, his wife Casey, and daughter Annabelle, live in Iowa City with their favorite four-legged family member, Brittany. As an active member in the community, he sits on the board of directors for X.



Patrick Campbell

Growing up, Patrick watched his father, a cardiologist, build a medical practice with a mission to deliver the best patient outcomes while building a culture that was also disciplined, fun, and rewarding. It’s also where he first witnessed the power of a meaningful advisor relationship for business owners and professionals. With a similar passion for helping people and an interest in financial analysis, Patrick discovered his talent in wealth management.

After graduating from the University of Iowa, Patrick began his finance career with an Iowa-based investment company as a financial analyst, and later as an advisor, before founding MFG.

Patrick and his wife, Ashley, live in Iowa City with their daughter, Emery, and their OTHER CHILD’S NAME, where you’ll find them playing with the dog or exploring the local parks.

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